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Psychologists advise parents alone how to introduce their children to a new partner

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Meetings can be difficult, and when a single parent has to consider not only their own needs but also those of their children, this becomes even more problematic. However, this does not mean that single parents should stop seeing another partner. In fact, if a healthy relationship develops, it will be beneficial for the whole family.

The secret is how and when parents should talk to their children about their personal lives so as to create a positive experience for everyone involved.

Psychologists advise parents alone how to introduce their children to a new partner

How you should talk to your children about personal life and new encounters

When a single parent starts dating a new partner, it is important for the little ones to be informed about what is happening. Psychologists advise parents not to hide this from their children and to talk to them. In general, this aspect is harmless to children and helps maintain trust and a good relationship between parents and children. In other words, it is good for parents to tell their children that they are dating a new partner, but it is important how they do this.

Any psychologist from Bucharest specialized in family relations, recommends single parents to have a conversation with the little ones appropriate to their age in which to inform them about the meetings with the new partner.

Psychologists’ recommendations for conversation with children

To protect children from feelings of rejection or abandonment, parents should focus on them as this new person will not interfere with the parent-child relationship. At the same time, the discussion should be conducted in such a way as to provide information to the child, without asking for his approval.

If it is a chance meeting without future implications, parents should inform their children, without going into too much detail. The details about the new partner should be kept only for the situation in which the parent is to present it to the children.

When is the right time to introduce a new partner to your children

When it comes to introducing children to the new partner, understanding is recommended . If new partners are brought into the children’s lives, there is a risk that they will become attached and then, if the relationship does not work, they will feel abandoned. At the same time, they will develop confused feelings about that person’s role in their life.

To avoid confusion, psychologists recommend that parents determine in advance if the new partner is a dull one and to define your relationship. In this case it is acceptable for parents to talk to their children about the new partner and introduce him to them.

How to present a new partner

Planning a fun activity that involves children is one of the best ways to introduce a new partner, without creating the feeling of pressure. During the outing, parents should allow their children to form their own opinions about their partner. Children must have the right to their own thoughts and feelings about the situation, and these must be respected, but without allowing them to control the situation.

Due to the fact that the little ones can be afraid of the dynamics of change, their emotions can manipulate the situation. Parents should not end a new relationship to reassure their children, but neither should they ignore their emotional needs. At the same time, they should pay attention to how children react and try to communicate these things as openly and effectively as possible.

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