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Who has the best Halloween costume? You or your cat?

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If you love the spooky season, make sure you get the best out of its traditions. Even if the rest of the people around you don’t want to throw Halloween themed parties, it shouldn’t stop you from having the most amazing and fun time dressing up as your favourite characters.

But why stop there? Your ride or die furry friend can be a great costume buddy. Organise together with your cat an unique photoshoot for Instagram and your friends and family. Buy or make from scratch the perfect Halloween costumes for this scarry night and search for some cute Halloween costumes for Cats.

Whether you are planning on wearing totally different costumes or matching outfits with your whiskered friend, we’ve prepared some ideas that you wouldn’t want to miss. If you are planning an imaginary costume contest with your cat we must warn you that you are in disadvantage from the start. Cats are just so cute. 

Witch costume

Cats and witches were an iconic duo. They say that black cats were the trustworthy companions for these magical creatures. Witch costumes are extremely popular and you can find them in almost any Halloween shop, plus, more and more pet brands made witch costumes for cats accessible as well. Now only that, but they come with the cutest little details. A pointy hat and a matching cloak will truly bring out the magic in your photos. 

Vampire and bat

We are sure you can already picture how cute your cat will look with a pair of tiny bat wings. Plus, this is the only accessory it needs to transform into this magical creature of the night. As for you, some vampire fangs, a vintage dress with elegant details, red contacts and scary makeup will truly transform you.

Jungle Animals 

One one the most adorable Halloween costumes you can choose for your little cat is a lion mane. If it happens that your cat is ginger or golden, this accessory will transform it into the jungle king in no time. We must warn you to be careful around the little king, it might scare you. 

Even if you won’t look as fabulous as your furry friend, you can choose funny costumes. Improvise a deer outfit to prepare yourself for the funniest photo shooting with your terrifying feline. 

Not celebrating Halloween with your friends in the city doesn’t mean you can’t plan the best dress up session with your tiny companion. This activity will allow you to enjoy eachothers company and to test your creativity. Don’t wait any longer and plan your next Halloween costume for you and your cat!

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