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Top 10 healthiest sports for you

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Are you looking for new sports that you could practice in your leisure time? Because there are numerous sports and activities that can be done by anyone, you can allow yourself to practice healthiest sports to help maintain a healthy mind and body.

A recent study was conducted on various sports to determine which of them offers the greatest health benefits. Of all the sports studied the winners were: tennis, squash, rowing, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, gym, golf and gymnastics.

Most healthy sports for everybody

So, here are ten healthiest sports for everybody for a healthy life. The statistics were based on factors such as: cardio and muscle endurance, possible risks of injury and calories burned during a 30-minute exercise session.

Considering that these are the healthiest sports, you will definitely have to choose at least one sport from this list for yourself. See below how each sport can help you, all are part of the most healthy sports.

Top 10 healthiest sports

Even below you have more information about top 10 healthiest sports. You can see which of them suits you and you can easily practice them. You can only limit yourself to one that you can constantly practice or you can try more to find out which has more benefits for your health.

1 – Squash – healthiest sports

Squas is considered to be the healthiest sport, being at the top of the standings. This is due to the following characteristics: the level of flexibility involved; the high level of cradio and muscular endurance required to cope with this game; considerable level of calories burned over a period of 30 minutes.

Why is squash so healthy? Because in 2003, Forbes declared squash the healthiest sport after finding several benefits for the body. These benefits are: muscular endurance, calorie burning and low risk of injury. At the same time, It is also considered one of the most difficult sports for which the rocket is used, being similar to tennis.

 2 – Rowing – healthiest sports

Boating was ranked second in this ranking because it has a higher rate of muscular and cardio endurance. However, the activity did not prove to burn many calories in a 30 minute period. The great advantage of this sport is the reduced risk of possible injuries.

3 – Swimming – healthiest sports

In the third place of this ranking is swimming, a very popular sport. Swimming is one of the most complex sports. Requires coordination, tracking of breath and development of a best technique.

Due to its nature, it presents a moderate amount of accident risks. However, it increases the level of cardio and muscle resistance, especially if you swim over long distances.

 Top 10 healthiest sports for you
Top 10 healthiest sports for you

4 – Running – healthiest sports

Running is the kind of physical activity that anyone can practice, anytime, anywhere. Of course, each one will choose the pace and distance they will run, this depending on several factors.

Running requires a lot of physical strength and endurance. At the same time, it is a sport that pushes the cardio and muscle levels to high levels. Regular running has been shown to increase bone density and strength.

In addition, running while listening to music helps to relax and, therefore, lowers stress, tension and gives you a well-being.

The healthiest sport – running at any age

Running can be an excellent choice when you don’t want to do a particular sport that involves costs or time wasted. Thus you can resort to one of the healthiest sports without too much effort and investment. At the same time, even the elderly can choose a light run because it is beneficial for their health.

5 – Tennis – healthiest sports

Tennis, also known as white sports, or noble sports, is becoming more and more popular. Due to the energetic effort from the mini sprint and other movements during an intensive game, tennis is considered to be one of the best aerobic activities. At the same time, only 30 minutes of tennis burns an impressive number of calories.

6 – Cycling – healthiest sports

Cycling is an exciting sport and at the same time healthy. Cycling courses are interesting and very fun. It is a way in which you can burn calories, but not in excess. It helps instead the better functioning of the brain and the body in general.

7 – Hiking – healthiest sports

Outdoor hiking can be classified as healthiest sports. You can see wonderful places as you walk on the mountain and breathe fresh air. In addition to moving, these elements are important for a healthy mind and body. Hiking can be a powerful cardio workout and helps fighting heart disease and improves muscle strength.

8 – Gym – healthiest sports

At the gym the advantage is that you can find more devices that you can try, but you can also practice different activities such as yoga, pilates or zumba. You can practice many healthy sports in a gym, at the same time you can meet people with the same interests as you. This way you can have more energy to move.

Top 10 healthiest sports for you
Top 10 healthiest sports for you

9-  Golf – one of healthiest sports

Another healthy sport is golf. It is especially ideal for maintaining health in the elderly because it helps maintaining their balance and muscular endurance, as well as their cardiovascular health. Other medical problems that can be remedied with this healthy sport are: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, but also the prevention of dementia, anxiety and depression.

10 – Gymnastics – healthiest sports

Gymnastics is one of the healthiest sports that can help you be flexible, stronger and in excellent shape every day. It can also help you improve your concentration and you can even participate in gymnastics competitions. For children, this healthy sport gives them the chance to develop their imagination even more.

Most healthiest sport – what medical problems can prevent gymnastics

Gymnastics plays a very important role in maintaining the health of a person’s body. It is one of the healthiest sport because it can be practiced by anyone from very young age to old age. Gymnastics can also be the one in medical form, especially for those who have certain medical problems. This helps prevent spinal disorders and support the bones.

Healthiest electrolyte drink

Electrolyte drinks are especially important for the health of the body and for those who practice healthy sports. Electrolytes are minerals that help to regulate various essential functions of the body. They help balance the pH, hydrate and prevent muscle contractions. In the case of the constant practice of healthy sports, dehydration occurs and important minerals can be lost from the body.

The healthiest electrolyte drink that can help you when you move: coconut water, milk, watermelon water, smoothies, electrolyte-infused water or electrolyte tablets.

Healthiest gatorade

Gatorade is a drink made to help the fact that athletes lose many electrolytes and carbohydrates essential for the functioning of the body. It is a sports drink that consumed in moderate amounts can be even healthiest gatorade. Keep in mind that this drink is of great help especially to those who do healthy sports with high effort. The electrolytes included in this drink that make it the healthiest are: calcium, magnesium, chloride, phosphate, potassium and sodium.

Top 10 healthiest sports for you
Top 10 healthiest sports for you

Healthiest sports to play regardless of the season

All of the above sports are great for our health and can fit into the healthiest sports to play for anyone, regardless of the season. For example, tennis, squash or gym can also be practiced in a room. Of course, most of the above healthy sports can be easily practiced in the cold season. It is important to find a room and a good coach who can help you. It is important to pay attention to your health regardless of the season, so practice healthiest sports.

Healthiest sport in the world – benefits

All the sports listed above are listed as the healthiest sports in the world. Why this? Because many health and sports specialists have done numerous studies on people who have practiced them for a longer period of time, constantly. Compared to the study participants who did not play any sport, those who practiced at least one of these heathiest sports had a longer life and were away from medical problems. This makes the above sports the healthies sports in the world.
We all want to know which are the healthiest and most beneficial sports in order to have the most advantages in a very short time. Thus, we aim to increase endurance, muscle toning, weight loss, but also fun.

After all, any sports activity, indoors or outdoors, will be beneficial to your health. It is important to like, to enjoy the moments spent in this way and to feel that it has been time won.

Continue to stay active, regardless of age and sport you choose to practice!
If you feel good, it is surely the best fit for you and will have the best results.

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