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Recipes ideas for Halloween night

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If you want to organise a Halloween party either for your friends or your kids, itțs essential to make sure everything is planned correctly and that you create a magical atmosphere for your guests. From costumes to the spooky house decor, the location must give the feeling of a terrifying night. Of course, for children it’s best to use friendly decorations with cartoons or superheroes.

Because the music and the dnce will surely open their appetite, make sure you have some delicious Halloween food recipes. They don’t have to be complex, after all, their purpose is to give the guest energy and to complete the Halloween spirit with their unique design.

If you want to step up your game and offer an amazing gastronomic experience to your guests, try out these fast and simple recipes. Surely, they will be much appreciated for their delicious flavour and the cute look. 

Spider Pizza

Pizza is a “must have ” at any party. This year, decorate it with the help of olives, bell peppers and corn in teh shape of a spider. The spider pizza is very easy and fast to prepare. It will complete the party vibe and will calm everyone’s appetite.

Mummy Sandwiches

An easy snack that will never fail to do its job between the songs it’s the delicious sandwiches with ham, olives and cheese. Having all the necessary ingredients for an out-of-this-word flavour, all you must do is decorate them so the final product looks like a mummy. 

The ham will be the base, the olives the eyes and the chopped into long and thin slices will be placed one by one forming “x”’s for a linen layer effect. Place lost and lots of cheese until the only empty space is where the mummy’s eyes go. And that’s it! The spooky sandwiches and ready to amaze your guests.

Scary lollipop 

Don’t forget about the dessert! Your guest will surely need it after all the amazing dishes. Choose the lollipops covered in chocolate and icing, shaped in the most frightening shapes. The base will be made out of cookie mix, rolled into small balls (the size of a regular lollipop) and put each of them on sticks.

Now it’s the time to decide what kind of monsters you will paint on them. If you want some pumpkins, pour chocolate colored in orange into a glass then dip the lollipop until it’s fully covered. Let the excess drip off the candy and place it carefully on a plate in the fridge. Repeat this process with the rest of the lollipops and after the first layer of chocolate is hard, we can start creating the details like the eyes and the mouth with black food dye. 

Remember that you can always get inspiration from the internet and create lots of cute and scary little monsters. This dessert is perfect for a party with your friend and for children as well. 

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