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How do Kylie and Kendall Jenner celebrate Halloween

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The Kardashin-Jenner family loves to plan fascinating family parties for the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, they never stop to impress their fans on social media where they share all of their storybook experiences.

The youngest of the family, Kendall and Kylie, have a habit of dressing up as iconic characters every year. It seems like the Halloween party lasts more than only one day for those two, and they never miss an opportunity to show off their outfits to the world. There is no question that the Jenner sisters spend a lot of time getting ready for Halloween

Here are some of the best Kendall and Kylie Halloween costumes!

Pamela Anderson in “Barb Wire”

The world’s best paid model, Kendall Jenner, shocked her fans with an unpredictable photoshooting, inspired by the movie “Barb Wire”, where she was dressed up as the famous Pamela Andreson. With a black motorcycle, a perfect wig and amazing make-up, Kendall truly impressed all of her Instagram followers.

We can agree on the fact that this outfit was more scandalous than other, the model wearing only a leather bodysuit. After all, in order to recreate the outfit of the gorgeous Anderson, this kind of decor is necessary. 

Power Rangers

On the other pole we have Kylie Jenner. Known for being the youngest self-made billionaire with her make-up brand, the celebrity loves to share her life with her fans. Having all kind of photoshootings, in 2020 she surprised her followers by wearing a red power ranger outfit along with some of her friends for Halloween, 

She and the other four girls dressed as one of the most loved hero groups of her childhood, the Power Rangers. From outfits to accessories and even a wig, Jenner surely enjoyed a relaxing and comfortable evening, out of the ordinary. 

The Fairy

If you might think that it’s a basic costume, believe us when we say that it;s totally not. Kendall Jenner’s costume is an iconic outfit for Hlloween. Surrounded by a fairytale setting, with a costume, makeup and hairstyle like you only see in the storybooks with amazing creatures and riding a gorgeous horse, the model made her appearance with absolute style on her social media pages. 

We already knew that this family loves to experiment and make a reality out of any dream, but, along with the right filter, Kendall’s picture is absolutely fascinating. This was for sure the moment when she made her childhood fantasy come to life. 

Recreating childhood costumes

Because we previously mentioned “the childhood dream”, this outfit is definitely worthy of being mentioned. The Jenner sisters recreated the outfits they wore when they were little kids, making them modern and luxurious.  The picture broke the internet in only a few moments after it was posted on Instagram and made every user laugh. 

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