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How to win any contest for Halloween costumes

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Helloween, even though it’s not celebrated all over the world, became more and more popular for the younger generation. It’s the perfect time to escape routine and to become anyone or anything we want, using the magic of this season and our imagination. 

There are plenty of classic costumes for women and men that became mainstream throughout the years. Even though they are still creative and represent cool characters, this year you can try an out of the ordinary costume that will definitely win you any contest and will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some ideas that you might want to take into consideration for this year’s Halloween party!

Matching costumes’

Matching costumes with your friends or partner became one of the most popular Halloween concepts. Luckily, it will never get old and the options are unlimited. If you want to do something different and have all the eyes on you, chase a matching set with your pet. Look for Halloween costumes for cats ideas and create new and unique outfits with your furry friend.

This appearance definitely won’t go unnoticed and your little cat wil enjoy the attention and petting from your guests. Of course, if the party isn’t at your place and you don’t want to worry about bringing your pet with you, some pictures for family, friends and social media will be enough so your unique costumes are known and appreciated. 

Don’t neglect the little details

Even if you want to have a classic costume such as an angel, demon, ghost or cat, bring your look to the next level with extravagant makeup and a lot of accessories. Choose some sparkly face and body  jewels, white contacts, bottles of fake blood and face paint.

Depending on the character you want to recreate, add specific elements with the help of makeup and accessories. If you want to go even further with the DIY’s, buy some feathers from the art supply store or even tissue papers and create a beautiful pair of wings in any colour. 

Recreate characters from old cartoons

Action movies are enjoying the spotlife. If you want to revive the most beautiful childhood memories, choose to recreate an iconic character from your favourite cartoon. Harley Quinn and the Joker won’t stand any chance in front of Velma, Scooby-Doo or Shaggy . You will certainly bring all the attention on yourself, bringing the sweetest memories back for each party guest. 

Dare to be different for the extravagant day. On Halloween night you have the possibility to become whoever you wish, no matter how simple, complex or scary your costume is. 

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