Fashion 2020 – what are the trends and what to wear in 2020

Fashion trends are changing from year to year, and designers are the ones who define different styles according to the shades that are worn. Fashion 2019 has generated a wave of trends through different styles and colors and left the free choice to wear what you like depending on your personality. In contrast, fashion 2020 comes with a lot of proposals for different and new trends in clothes, as well as accessories.

See below for what’s new in 2020 and how to dress to be in trend with what designers are creating.

Fashion 2020 - what are the trends and what to wear in 2020

Fashion clothes in 2020 – find out what you’re wearing

The clothing is different for the fashion of 2020 compared to the previous years, being a year of new color experiences. The colors that are in trend for the current year are given by Pantone. For this year the following colors are defined: blue, orange, green, dark yellow and other shades that complement perfectly with these basic colors. Because you can choose from a wide range of colors, you can experience a lot of combinations in 2020 fashion.

For example, you can draw inspiration from the 2020 collections of DIOR, Versace or Dolce & Gabbana.

If you already have spectacular outfits that you do not want to give up and are in trend colors this year, you can combine them with other clothes you have in the wardrobe. This way you will get a really trendy outfit. What is good to know, fashion 2020 brings to the fore the dresses that have puffy sleeves, which were once in trend. However, no male influences will be lacking. Women will be able to wear combat pants and boots.

In the trend will be long hats in the autumn-winter collections. Thus, the outfits are some elegant, which can be combined in checkers, a fashion that returns in 2020. Therefore, the carriages will occupy an important place in terms of the fashion of 2020.


Fashion 2020 for women – trendy clothes

The women who want to experiment will be delighted with the 2020 fashion. This year, the following pieces of clothing should not be missing from the wardrobe of any woman: long coats, dresses, tulle dresses. These outfits can be accessorized with an animal print or fur style bag.

Because they can wear strong colors in 2020, women have the opportunity to stand out, especially those who are used to this. The 2020 fashion for women focuses on bright colors and not on sobriety and dark colors.


Boys fashion 2020 – what men can wear this year

The year 2020 will be an important year for how men will dress. This year’s fashion for boys leads to a fresh direction in clothing. The outfits will be some of the alpine inspiration, especially in the cold season. You should also know that this year the “Men in Black” trend is coming back and can be approached for important and stylish events. They wear simple black suits and ultra slim ties.

Fashion for boys 2020 also brings significant news, such as the fact that some fashion houses have introduced in the novelties and pink to the babies. It is allowed to wear this year in outfits such as suits with two rows of buttons, long men’s shoes or winter jackets.


Winter fashion 2020 – ideal outfits for the cold season

The great designers have also thought about what will be worn for the winter 2020 fashion. These outfits can be completed with camouflage pants or army style boots. This way you will be able to attract the eyes of those around you and be in trend for the winter of this year.

Women’s winter 2020 fashion – what you can wear this year

The fashion of 2020 urges all women to have the courage to try as many colors combinations in clothing. This is not excluded even for the winter 2020 fashion for women. This season you can choose jeans with a winter coat or an oversized jacket. Also, instead of jeans you can wear a pair of animal print tights. Of course, it is necessary to wear only what suits you and characterizes you, not to wear a clothing item if the trend does not benefit you.

In short, the fashion trends for winter 2020 for women focus on combinations such as animal print, camouflage or dark blue.


Men’s winter fashion 2020 – new trends for men

The color of 2020 established by Pantone, blue, will fit perfectly for the winter 2020 fashion for men. They will be able to wear clothes in different shades of this color for any outfit. This season the focus is on what suits them best and what kind of outfit they feel good. For those who like elegant clothes, they can wear long coats and coat.


Fashion dresses in 2020 that you must have

Dresses are clothing items preferred by most women. On trend this year are those with puffy sleeves and tulle ones. Of course, you can combine as you like the colors of the dresses you wear for different occasions. Fashion dresses in 2020 allow you to feel free, but also to stand out.

Here are some examples of fashionable dresses for 2020!


Fashionable evening dresses in 2020, elegant and sober

Evening dresses should be elegant and sometimes even sober. This is the trend of dresses for fashion 2020. If you do not yet own evening dresses in the color of the year, it is time to make new purchases to be in fashion at any important event in your life.

The fashion of evening dresses in 2020 is different depending on the season. For the hot season, the 2020 fashion means lighter colors and for the cold season more sober colors.

Trendy trousers for women 2020 – trendy clothing items

This year the fashionable pants will be the ones in animal print style. The tights will be the stars of the season, both in summer and in winter. At the same time, trousers with male and camouflage influences are part of the 2020 fashion.

You can see even below what the fashionable pants for women in 2020 look like.


Fashion bags – with what we can match the outfits in 2020

If you want to know what bags are in fashion this year, find out that those in fur or animal print style are in great search. What is not worn at all, are the transparent bags that were worn until last year. The designers have established that they are not part of the 2020 fashion and we can no longer match them in any outfit. What’s interesting about the fashion returns this year are the logo bags.

Here is one such example of fashion bags in 2020!


Women’s fashion footwear this year

This year, high-heeled shoes and slippers will disappear from the trend. These no longer have to occupy any place in your wardrobe for the 2020 fashion. As for elegant women’s footwear, stiletto shoes will never be outdated and can be worn in any shade. It’s an elegance that never goes out of style.

fashion 2020

Fashion for the years 2019 – 2020 – combination of different trends

Designers tell us that if we like the style of 2019 so much, we can consider a combination with the fashion of 2020. It is important that the outfit be suitable for us. Another tip is to never choose exaggeratedly elegant outfits, in short, to the extreme.

Fashion 2020 brings to the fore the freedom to wear what you want in the color combinations already chosen for this year. Your style is very important in defining a complete wardrobe. Of course, it never hurts to customize your outfits to create your own style.

Thus, if you are an inventive person and open to news, you can even be a mentor to the group of friends in terms of fashion 2020.

Fashion 2019 – what trends will keep in 2020

As you have seen, designers are also encouraging certain trends from the previous year. The year 2019 was a year that influenced many fashion houses and women in their clothing style and collections. The colors were very bright and bold, which will dominate in the coming years.

As we know, the color of 2019 established by Pantone was Living Coral. It was present in the clothing of the big fashion houses, and this year it was replaced with the Classic Blue. Fashion changes from year to year, keeping certain tendencies. It is important to know that neon colors, pinks and shades of animal print will be preserved.

fashion 2020

Fashion 2018 – find out what went on this year

Because we were talking about animal print, this trend was also part of the fashion of 2018. It was the year when this trend expanded and many women wore clothes with such prints. Many designers have predicted since then that this trend will remain in trend for many years, maintaining even for the 2020 fashion. The animal print is still a piece of resistance in a woman’s wardrobe.

Besides this trend from 2018 we can see that extravagant costumes are also kept with stained or striped prints.

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