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10 most awaited fashion events in 2020

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The year 2020 is a great year for the world of fashion. Fashion influencers have already launched the most daring trends and many of them will be presented at the most coveted fashion events waiting to be launched this year.

10 most awaited fashion events in 2020
10 most awaited fashion events in 2020

1. Athens Fashion Trade Show

Since this month, the podiums are preparing the place for the most beautiful and elegant outfits awarded at the Athens Fashion Trade Show, on January 24th. The event takes place between January 24 and 27, in the capital of Greece, bringing together designers and fashion companies from all over the world.

2. International Children’s Fashion Week

Another equally awaited event is International Children’s Fashion Week. It will take place this year in Valencia, Spain. The event is held in two series, from January 24 to 26 and May 8 to 10. All those who want their little ones to be trendy and to astonish the others around them with their outfit will find numerous inspirational sources for clothing at this event.

3. Kyiv Fashion

In February, the most anticipated fashion event is definitely Kyiv Fashion. The streets of Ukraine will abound in trendy and provocative outfits and the winter trends will come out on surface between February 5 and 7 this year.

4. Momad – International Fashion Trade Show

Also in February, in Madrid, takes place Momad – International Fashion Trade Show – one of the greatest fashion events of the winter. All those who want to discover what should they wear this year, can come to this event to discover the trends.

5. The National Wedding Show

For those preparing for their wedding, March is special. This year, on March 14 and 15, the largest wedding fair in the UK will be held in Manchester. The wedding lovers will be going crazy this year after The National Wedding Show.

6. Mercedez – Benz Fashion Week Madrid

We jump quickly over the spring and over the events that spring have to offer, to reach one of the most anticipated fashion events this year. It’s the Mercedez – Benz Fashion Week Madrid. This event will gather millions of people into the capital of Spain and probably hundreds of thousands of tourists, between 23 and 28 June.

7. Styl – International Fashion and Textiles Trade Show

Also for the trading events lovers, August brings surprises. A huge textile trade show will take place in Brno, Czech Republic, August 22-24: Styl – International Fashion and Textiles Trade Show. Here you can get to buy the most pleasant and elegant materials, at extremely affordable prices.

8. Modexpo

Modexpo is also a pleasant surprise for the lovers of furs, accessories and luxury clothes this year. Leather suits, furs and luxury shoes feels like home on Modexpo stage this year. Modexpo is the event you will surely get surprised about, because it is organized in Bucharest. On October 1st is the launch. The event runs from October 1 to 4.

9. Stiliuz

This is another event awaited by fashion lovers. A completely spectacular fashion gala, in Klaipeda, Lithuania, which will take place between October 16 and 18, during Style and Fashion Exhibition.

10. North American Jewelry, Gift & Accessory Show

And for the cold season, 2020 is preparing something special in the month of gifts. North American Jewelry, Gift & Accessory Show is the event that will end the year in a cheerful and joyful tone. You can give any jewelry or a luxury accessory to your loved ones, participating in such a jewelry trade show. The event runs from November 29 to December 2, in New Braunfels, USA.

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