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Fashion trends for the spring – summer seasons of 2020. Find out what you can wear on the hot season of this year!

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The holidays have already passed, January is on the run and we are moving faster and faster towards February, the last month of the winter. The big fashion stores are already making room for the spring – summer seasons stock, promising huge discounts on bold and creative outfits.

But until spring comes, we will have to keep abreast of fashion trends. What should we put on this year in the hot season?

Here are some tips from international designers and some opinions gathered from top fashion magazines around the world.

Fashion trends for spring – summer season on 2020

When we talk about fashion trends, we should really ask Nina Ricci what she thinks about what we should wear or not in the next period. And the directions she offers are clear.

In the spring of 2020 shirt-dresses will be the new fashion. Suitable both for the office and for a simple day in the city or for a trip, they are elegant, comfortable and very versatile, and can be easily matched to any pair of shoes.

We can opt for an oversized shirt-dress or a classic style, a white dress with a pair of simple sandals, to make our day comfortable. But the recommendations can go even further, to bold styles, pastel or vivid colors and a completely unconventional design.

Foto: cosmopolitan.com

What recommendations do luxury designers make in Australia?

The recommendations of Zimmermann, the luxury soul brand of Australia, are even more attractive. Designers want to bring Victorian fashion back to life, but in a much more simplified and trendy form. Lace dresses embroidered in the classic royal style, will represent the new trend in 2020, they say.

Also, the billow-sleeved blouses, made of various fine materials, make the new trends in the fashion world. The waves represent Australians. So, if you want to follow their advice, wear any outfit that creates a billow look, which gives volume and a unique style to your personal image.

China also comes up with ideas – what should we wear at the office in the spring season – summer?

Eudon Choi is one of the best known designers in the area. Having completed his studies and his entry-level as a Designer in Seoul, Eudon quickly reached the largest international scene, presenting a genius idea for the office fashion outfits.

It’s about short suits, especially designed for women. Known for the office outfits of a particular elegance, Eudon Choi wanted to completely transform the trend in office clothing, bringing a new trend in the foreground.

The short suit, either with skirt or pants, quickly caught the public, being one of the most popular creations, not only in China, but throughout the world.

Foto: lyst.com
Foto: eudonchoi.com

As for the costumes, we have no way to put aside the famous Boilersuit from Chanel. This suite went crazy all around the world last year, and as designers point out, it plans to stick to the trend this year too.

Elegant, but at the same time very comfortable, the costumes of this kind are more suited for smart-casual styles. But for an alternative and bold style, you could wear them without problems at the office too.

You can do this especially if you find a temperate color and a simple pattern like most of the pieces in this collection. A good example for a office suite in this collection can be this one bellow.

Foto: vogue.com

And one last trend we are going through is the House of Holland trend. Full of confidence and very nonconformist, the British folks at House of Holland, led by Henry Holland, one of the most successful young designers that UK has ever known, launched a new outfit for spring – summer 2020 to feel confident and full of charm. They rely on denim dresses. These garments are characteristic for the casual style.

You will be astonished by their versatility and the freeedom that these dresses can give you, helping you look perfect at the same time, for all day long.

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