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4 delicious salads for your daily menu. What’s your favorite?

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You can find a lot of fast food recipes but probably the simplest are salads. Don’t think that salad is not food, because depending on the ingredients you use, you may even surprise yourself. The best chefs are able to create surprising salads, so give the salad the credit it deserves. And try to create your favorite salad depending on the ingredients you prefer. What you say? Are you trying?

We propose below some salads for which we will use a mixture of arugula leaves, valerian and a little oil as common ingredients for all salads.

1.Salad with beans and baked peppers

A delight! You may not have imagined that beans and roasted peppers could go together, but you can use them with lettuce leaves and a pinch of salt, for a more pleasant taste. But you don’t have to stop them here, think about what you think you would like to add and test your own recipe.
Tip: Use canned red beans and don’t drain all the juice.

2.Avocado and nuts salad

And leaves, of course, with a little cheese and this time without salt. If you use Telemea cheese, you will get enough salt as needed. You can add, however, some corn kernels and, if you feel the need, a little pepper.
Tip: Break the nuts by hand and do not grind them. It will be interesting to feel different flavors and textures in your salad.

3.A simple salad

Various leaves, a little oil and a pinch of salt? Both? That’s right, sometimes you don’t need too much to be happy. And this is a recipe that makes you happy, without too many ingredients. It is suitable for lunch with meat and potatoes or just with a barbecue, if you want to eat less. Anyway, it’s delicious and you have to try it.
Nothing is too simple, because here too the flavors will intertwine to flavor your tasty snack or dinner.

4.Pasta salad

Next to the leaves and oil, add a finely chopped avocado, the pieces of baked or raw pepper and mix everything well. Boil some pasta and, after draining, add the above mixture. You will get a tasty combination, which is perfect for a light lunch or dinner.

It can be a complete menu, you don’t need anything else for a hearty lunch or dinner.

Test the recipes and, if you like them, add them to your daily menu.

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