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6 Best Body weight Workout

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Regardless of the season, it is good to be always in shape, whether we want to maintain muscle mass or lose weight, because this helps us for our health. You can do this without a subscription to the gym, even from home. 

6 Best Body weight Workout

Recently, more and more bodyweight hit workout programs have appeared to have the role of helping everyone to achieve their fitness goals, in the comfort of home.

What is important to know about these types of workouts with your own body weight? The fact that the exercises can be done anywhere, without any expensive or bulky apparatus or equipment.

See below what are the best and most effective workouts that use body weight, which you can do every day:


The push-ups are also part of fitness at home exercises and are the ones that work especially the upper body. This workout is beneficial for almost all the muscles of the shoulders, back, chest and abdomen. For a complete and effective set of exercises, you can vary this type of exercise, from standard push-ups to one-handed, arched or wide-grip exercises.


This is one of the exercises that uses body weight and works with muscle groups such as buttocks, femoral biceps or quadriceps. But you should not avoid this type of training if you want to tone your abdomen because it works to some extent and the abdominal area, especially if you put a weight on your back during exercise.

Stretching legs outstretched

This type of training uses body weight to tone the abdominal muscles. Combined with this type of training are hip lifting exercises that are especially beneficial for the gluteal muscles. It is performed by straightening and lowering the pelvis, the focus being on their contraction from the upper position.


The lunges are those exercises specially designed to help you strengthen your leg muscles. Along with the knee bends, they are the ideal exercises for both the whole leg and the buttocks. They can be performed as part of every workout, even during recovery periods. There are several types of squats that you can diversify into your body weight workouts such as spider squats, side squats, jump forward squats or back squats.


One of the best exercises for strengthening and defining the abdomen is plank. This type of training is recommended to be practiced at the end of the abdomen or even during other workouts, along with other movements. While doing this plank it is necessary to breathe naturally, and the body to be kept still in the same position.

Spinal balance

The spinal balance helps to stabilize the posture of the body, working at the same time the back, buttocks, shoulders and abdomen. This type of exercise can be included in daily workouts for people who experience problems with body flexibility due to lack of exercise and long periods spent in the chair.

Some of the benefits you can get from bodyweight workout

  • Toning the body, increasing muscle mass and strength
  • Improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body
  • Helps lower stress and get better sleep
  • Reduces bone and joint pain
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Beneficial for burning calories
  • It helps to improve your overall fitness
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