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What jobs once had successful people from today

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When we look at today’s successful people, we can see nothing but their fame and fortune. 

But some of them were not born rich or with any inheritance and had regular or less regular jobs before becoming successful people.

Although it can be hard for you to imagine today’s successful people as ordinary people, with ordinary jobs and without today’s wealth, everyone on our list started with jobs like yours and gradually reached today’s wealth.

See what jobs had some of the most famous and successful people before they became famous and rich:

Dishwasher – Michael Dell

Before discovering his passion for computers, the famous founder of Dell worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant. This job helped him to have pocket money, and later, during college, he began building computers that he later sold at lower prices to students. That’s how the Dell business started.

School caretaker – Stephen King

The famous writer, Stephen King, who wrote dozens of famous novels, adapted to movies, TV shows or mini-series, did not have a very prestigious job in his youth. His beginnings were very humble, having a job as a caretaker in a school in America.

McDonald’s worker – Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was once a simple employee of a company to earn pocket money as a teenager. He worked in the famous McDonald’s restaurant chain in the kitchen, where he had a pleasant experience with managers with whom he maintained a good relationship.

Store Seller – Oprah Winfrey

The famous American television producer, Oprah Winfrey, although at the moment she is quite rich, in her youth she earned a lot of money. Her first job was as a saleswoman in a store near her father’s barbershop. He later developed a passion for the press and television.

Park Supervisor – Hillary Clinton

The famous Hillary Clinton wrote her autobiography in which she stated that her first paid job, at the age of 13, was as a supervisor in a public park. Later she also worked as a babysitter. Her parents were very happy that she learned to earn her own money and to know how hard work is.

Bottle collector – Donald Trump

Although the former president of America grew up in a wealthy family, his father wanted to teach him little money. Thus, when he was a teenager, he would take him to construction sites where he would teach him and his brother to collect empty plastic bottles to sell later. Even though he didn’t make much money that way, this lesson taught him to work hard to make money.

Carpenter – Berne Sanders

American politician Berne Sanders also started working with a normal job and not very well paid. After graduating from the Faculty of Political Science, he had several jobs, including carpenter. He also helped with the documentation.

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