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The New York Post unveils 5 fashion trends that end in 2019

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The New York Post has created, within an article inspired by the lives of Hollywood celebrities, a top of the fashion trends. Included in this article are 5 trends that will definitely find their end in 2019, but also 5 new directions to follow in fashion in 2020.

If we really want to be in fashion and catch the trends that are in vogue, it’s time to put aside the following things and take new directions, say the designers.

What trends should we set aside with the end of 2019?

1. High-heeled sports shoes

Instagram influencers will be able to say goodbye to footwear that has driven the world crazy for the past year: sneakers, high-heeled sports shoes, in bolder colors. It seems that their time is over, even if they will be in the color of 2020. And that’s because the trend seems to be in the shade starting with the new year, 2020.

2.Wearing cycling pants

Along with leggings, these pants have begun to be worn in outfits. daily. Which is considered by some designers as disgraceful. This trend must necessarily disappear, and the end of 2019 seems like a good time to leave this current in the past.

3.Banners worn on the head

Immediately after Prada replaced the classic banded ones with bandanas and banners on the head, the whole world went crazy after this trend. But at the end of 2019 the designers say that this move will go down in history, being just a “classic hype” in fashion, like many other trends that have failed to prevail.

4.Small sunglasses

As for sunglasses, more and more models and colors appear on the market from year to year. You can make the choice according to your personal style. But the little ones, the models worn only by the decoration, because anyway you look above the lenses, they are really odious.

This type of sunglasses, hopes the fashion representatives, will give way to some accessories that are really worthy of wearing, with the passing of 2019.

5.Transparent bags

Another trend that seemed to impose itself, but with the passage of time it has sank in history. Nobody cares what you have in your bag and no one should be forced to see what you are carrying in your purse. Therefore, transparent bags do not have their place in public, say some designers.

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