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Mercer Study: The most important trends in human resources for 2020-2021

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Given the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been numerous changes in the labor market. Big companies have had to comply with the new rules imposed by each state, but with all of this, some jobs have changed: either they have been canceled or other new jobs have emerged that were successful during the pandemic and were profitable.

Many companies that carry out market research have used this period as a good opportunity to observe the trends towards which the labor market is heading, as well as the field of human resources, very important for any company. The American business administration firm Mercer has researched with more than 7,000 executives, HR leaders and employees in sixteen geographic regions of the world. Thus, they identified the most important trends in human resources for the year 2020-2021.

Research results

According to the research results, the existing trends have already modeled more and more fields of human resources in the last years, but with the appearance of the pandemic they have accelerated. The interest in rethinking success in corporations is among the main concerns of HR specialists. At the same time, a large part of an organization’s success depends on employees who especially trust the company and this in turn offers them a career advancement that ensures their well-being.

The study also wanted to find the desire to work after retirement and a large number of respondents, a percentage of 72%, say they intend to work after retirement, and 55% believe that longevity at work limits progress. Those between the ages of 18 and 24 say they want more transparency on the effect of career choices and think in a long-term perspective.

An interesting finding of this study is that if employees know their skills well and know how to master them, they feel more optimistic about their future careers. At the same time, employers who provide transparency in the workplace will be more advantaged and will have more productive and happy employees.

How the pandemic of COVID-19 changed employees’ perceptions

The COVID-19 pandemic has been shown to have an impact on productivity, due to the change in the place where employees work, respectively work from home. However, some areas have not been able to adapt to this aspect, as it is not about office work.

Thus, the study showed that the older generations want better management of work by companies and long-term financial security. Only 23% of companies provide financial education to employees, but this would be useful for a larger category of people.

Building and adapting skills

99% of the organizations on which the study was applied said that they will start transformation processes in the next period in terms of investing in people’s talent and skills. They understood that retraining is the biggest long-term investment for business success. The good news is that a large number of employees said they were willing to learn new skills, only two in five said they did not have time to take advantage of retraining. The good part is that companies can take advantage of working from home and offer online courses to employees.

Currently, only 34% of human resources specialists invest in learning and retraining the workforce as part of their future strategy. Talent evaluation is an area where human intuition is needed, along with psychometry, to properly evaluate results. Today, only one in two employees has a positive evaluation of talent.

The Mercer study found that almost half of HR executives believe that employee well-being is a top concern for the workforce, but only 29% of them already have a strategy in place.

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