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5 ways to wear hair in the cold season, inspired by the hairstyles of the stars

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If you want to be on trend this winter, some tips on how you should wear your hair will not spoil you. Hair is more difficult to maintain in the cold season, and hairstyles for winter are a real challenge for women.
But you can always take a look over the hairstyles of the most famous stars, for inspiration. Today we will present 5 ways in which you can wear your hair in winter, depending on the trendy hairstyles in the world of stars over the ocean.

Hairstyles for short hair

If you have short hair, the new hairstyle of the famous Zoe Kravitz will be the perfect choice for a flawless winter look. A bold pixie cut hairstyle can be the perfect choice.
Following the new haircut, when Zoe uploaded the photo with the new look on Instagram, she received over 580,000 likes and 5,000 comments.
If you have short hair and want to get rid of the headache given to hair care, this winter you can follow the same trend. A simple Pixie Cut haircut will be the right answer for you.
Another hairstyle for short hair is also the one chosen by Kelly Rowland. She bet on a bob haircut.

The star chose to keep his hair length, however, reaching the shoulder. You can choose to leave your suits to your shoulders or you can shorten them even more so that your hair is easier to maintain.
For a strong visual impact, choose a straight bob, not a haircut.
Hairstyles for medium hair

If you are looking for medium hairstyles, Jennifer Lopez can be an inspiration. This winter, Jennifer chose a special look, with many curly blond, painted blond.
Such a hairstyle is extremely easy to maintain, the loops being durable over time. This way you will not have to curl your hair every time you leave the house. Jennifer Lopez chose to do her hair with famous hair stylist Chris Appleton.
You can try a salon known in your area, to make a hairstyle similar, with permanent type curls, painted in your favorite colors.
Selena Gomez also chose a very beautiful hairstyle for medium hair. It was based on Shag style. This style is defined by retro hairstyles with straps. For medium hair, these haircuts are ideal.
Such hairstyles look exceptional if the hair has a natural volume. They have been fashionable since the 90s and seem to resist with greatness, more and more views choosing them for the cold season.
The advantage of a retro Shag haircut in winter is that you can still cover your head with a cap, without disturbing your hair. For loops, for example, this would be difficult.
But in the case of the hairstyle chosen by Selena, you can definitely wear any type of cap or scarf on your head, to keep you out of the cold, without ruining your hairstyle.
Hairstyle for long hair

If you have long hair and want to keep it that way during the cold season, you will need extra care for it.
Long hair in winter can be a plus, because it better protects you from the cold, but at the same time it is a challenge in terms of care.
It will dry harder every time you wash it and will need more time to comb it. However, you can choose a hairstyle inspired by Karlie Kloss. She chose to wear her hair in a Flippy High Ponytail tail in winter.
This hairstyle is similar to the classic Ponytail tail type, caught in the center of the head, but instead of being left behind, it splits the hair on both sides of the head.
Thus, the entire head will be protected and the hair can be more easily covered with a scarf or even a cap, without you being disturbed.

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