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4 benefits of adopting cats

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Are you constantly wondering if it’s time to get a cat, or to offer a play partner to the one you already have, but you can’t figure out if it’s the right moment to take this step? Cats are everyone’s favourite pet, they bring a lot of joy to their owners and they are definitely reliable friends.

If you want to save a kitten’s life, adopt it! There is no reason to prefer cats from shops over those from shelters or from the street. If you want to adopt a kitten, and to already have the basic information about its medical condition, look for your kitten in the BabyCat Care portfolio.

Here are 4 benefits that adopting a kitten can bring you.

Gratitude for saving a life

Compared to the cats raised in Pet Shops, the adopted ones have a different personality and character. They tend to be a little more scared and shy on the first few days, but after they are comfortable in their new home, they’ll show you all the love and affection they can give. 

The little fluffy kittens will be the happiest when they taste for the first time the food chosen for them in their new home. Toys are objects they’re not used to, especially those from the street, so regardless of whether you are away at work during the day, the chance to play for hours with the new toys and the attention they receive from you in the evening will be enough for them. 

Of course, every cat has a different temperament and personality and it is possible that no matter where you get the furry friend, it’ll be loving by nature or, on the contrary, independent. Well, regardless of these details, saving a soul will always be the most beautiful gift you can give, both to them and to you.

A reliable friend

On the days when you feel down, without strength and without energy to go out, but you need company, kittens are the best companions, ready to keep you company (sometimes, with a lot of energy, depending on their mood). Whether you prefer to relax with a movie, or you are overwhelmed by emotions and just need someone to be by your side, kittens are reliable friends you can always count on.

Moreover, a newly adopted pet can be the best friend of the pet you already had. If you feel that your pet buddy feels lonely and sad when you are away, or you don’t have enough time to play with him, another furry friend is the best solution. Thus, the two will play for hours enjoying each other’s company.

On Blanizta.ro you can find a lot of useful information about cats that will help you after adopting a new kitten! Don’t miss the funny and informative articles about our friends with whiskers.

Cats reduce stress

If you’ve had a hard day and you’re tense, the company of a cat can significantly reduce stress. From the heat emanating from the body, to the sound produced by the purring and the massage with the front paws, the presence of a kitten nearby is beneficial for relaxation and forgetting your worries. You will notice how, little by little, you will feel the need to caress, play and talk with it and how all of your problems are being left behind.

It needs less attention

Although we must constantly give as much attention to the little kittens whenever it’s possible, they require much less things than a dog. The most important difference is where they defecate. Dogs need to be taken outside 4 times a day to defecate, on the other hand, a cat only needs a litter box that you have to clean when you get home.

Moreover, cats have the ability to stop eating when they are full. Thus, you can fill their bowl with grains, and they will be saving them for the moments when they are really hungry. Puppies, on the other hand, will most likely eat in a few seconds absolutely all the food you put at their disposal.

Cats are some of the most loving pets. A tiny kitten sleeping next to you at night will fill your heart with joy and warmth. The breed is not important, if you want to do something good for an animal, adopt it!

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